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1. Are they covered by WorkSafe and do they have adequate insurance?

If a cleaning company does not have adequate insurance, you may be liable if one of the cleaning team is injured on your property. You also want to make sure that they are covered if any of your property is damaged or goes missing. Ask for a copy of their insurance policy and clearance letter from WorkSafe or equivalent organization.

2. Do they have a Health and Safety Program?

With a cleaning company in your building after hours, it is important to know if they, as a company, take health and safety seriously. Ask if they have a written Health and Safety Program and if it is implemented through employee training.

3. Are their cleaning teams Sub-Contractors or are they Employees?

A lot of commercial cleaning companies use sub-contractors to carry out regular office cleaning. It is always good to ask if this is the case or if the teams are employees. Under Canadian Law, sub-contractors are not given direct training from the company that hires them; also they use their own equipment and products, and have their own cleaning systems. Given this, if they use sub-contractors you might end up with inconsistent service and have someone working in your building who is less accountable and may not be trained up to the standards of the company who hires them. If they use sub-contractors ask how they maintain consistent standards and if all the sub-contractors have their own insurance and WorkSafe coverage

4. Do they do thorough background check for all employees?

Because the cleaning teams are usually in your business after hours, you want to be sure that all employees are given thorough back ground checks. Ask if they have they had a least 2 references checked. Have they had a criminal back ground check? Does their resume show that they have stayed in positions for a period of time without jumping from job to job?

5. Do they have systems in place in ensure consistency and high standards?

Being able to maintain high standards on a consistent basis is critical to any good cleaning company. In order to achieve this, good systems have to be in place. Ask about what training and quality control systems they have in place.

6. Can they provide good referrals and testimonials from other customers?

The best way to find out if a cleaning company is a good fit for you is to hear from some of their current customers. Check out their website for testimonials or request contact information of a customer you can speak with.

Office cleaning customer giving a 5 star review

Finding an office cleaning company that is right for your business can sometimes feel like a stab in the dark. The more information you can have before making a decision, the less anxious you will feel about the decision made.

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